Our crew

Strongest polish Star Wars Destiny team.

Among us is the current Polish Champion, current Czech Champion and the winners of many, many other tournaments. Each of us has gone a different way, has different interests but we have one in common – we are passionate about the game. Meet us!

If you have any questions or just would like to contact one of us, do not hesitate to send an e-mail: SithOrderPoland@gmail.com

Nick: Keegan
Favourite cards: Overconfidence / Doubt / Sabine Wren
About myself: If You like gamble, I’m your man. Also a fan of Star Wars universe who spent most of his time playing video and card games. Soooo… The obvious choice was… Star Wars Destiny.

Nick: Shninkiel
Favourite cards: Holdout blaster / Coercion / Never tell me the odds
About myself: I like games. Card games, board games, video games, pen and paper rpgs, party games… Oh and cats, I like those creatures as well.

Nick: Dark Jedi
Favourite cards: Force speed / Hyperspace jump / Concentrate
About myself: I like playing. Video games, board games, guitar, you name it. Like all of us I am a long time fan of SW, so Destiny became interesting the moment I heard about it. I always prefer decks with certain level of consistency, because I never developed appropriate dice rolling skills, but general rule is the deck has to contain blue. I like blue.

Nick: Manfred
Favourite cards: Thrawn / Planetary bombardment / Mind trick
About myself: I’m fan of SW since being young. Playing many games, like Warhammer (T9A), board games, PC strategy games (Paradox mostly) and of course DESTINY. After my first break, I won Nationals, what can I do at this come back? Who knows? Actually I am for achieving more trophies and preparing for Worlds. Respecting only Villains and never aggro. I play Thrawn before he catch the wave (ATG).

Nick: Piotr M
Favourite cards: Rally Aid / Bala-Tik / Palpatine – Unlimited Power
About myself: I love strategic games. I’m a fan of HoMM3 and the universe of SW. Destiny is the best card game ever played. I try to build and support the community of destiny players and organize local tournaments. Despite many successes in larger tournaments, I sometimes make stupid mistakes in game. Thanks to learning from mistakes and many hours of playing I’m constantly improving my skills. The same goes to my decks – always looking for better synergies and techs.

Nick: Kiler
Favourite cards: Bait and switch / Backup muscle / Easy pickings
About myself: Philanthropist, polyglot, traveler, film and literary critic, sportsman, humanist, engineer and almost a miner. A real renaissance man and of course a gentleman. The highlander from Świętokrzyskie province, now a citizen of the world. He works as a model of men’s sports underwear, and in his spare time he builds tracks and changes history in Paradox games. In games he passed all levels of initiation (RPGs, battle games, card games, board games). He has been involved in card games for 16 years.

Nick: Bartosz R
Favourite cards: Probe / The power of the force / Mother Talzin
About myself: Star Wars geek and sport fanatic. Professionally former journalist and digital manager nowadays. Used to play MtG and strategic games in high school. Became a SW Destiny player because of a funny coincidence. Never navigate hero decks. Mainly focused to play and test new decks and new combinations. Hopes somebody from FFG reading this stuff and see my challenge: please, make at least one tier1 Chewbacca or Jabba card!

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie image-8.png

Nick: Krzysztof B
Favourite cards: Thrawn / Abandon All Hope / Hyperspace Jump
About myself: Born in Szczecin, spent the last 10 years in Warsaw and now living in Oxford. Professionally a chemist and a physicist, currently in a search of molecular machines for sensing and quantum computation. Fell in love with Star Wars after Special Edition screening of A New Hope in 1997. A great fan of card games. First dived into MtG in Mercadian Masques and since then was actively playing Pokémon TCG, Dragon Ball Z CCG, Star Wars CCG (Decipher), Star Wars TCG (WotC), and Lord of the Rings TCG (Decipher). After a long break from card games Star Wars Destiny brought me back to the old hobby.

Nick: Mikołaj S
Favourite cards: Thrawn / Snoke / Vader’s Fist
About myself: I consider myself as one of the biggest Star Wars fans, but this is not all about me. I love animals and I have 3 cats and a dog. I play Star Wars Destiny since Awakenings and used to compete only with my dad. When the Spirit of Rebellion was released, I took part in my first tournament and since then I loved this game forever.