About us

Let us introduce ourselves and share with you our story!

Our history

We are a group of friends combined by Star Wars Destiny. We decided to form a team before last European Champs. We went to the UK as a band, called Destiny Warsaw. We made shirts with a name of the team, state emblem and a flag to represent Poland at the international level.

Since then our crew have achieved many successes in Poland and abroad:

* 8:0 in swiss and Top 8 in the European championships,
* Winning the National Championship – Poland (2018)
* Winning the National Championship – Czech Republic (2018)
* Winning the Galakta Cup (2017, 2018)
* Wining several Regionals Championships (2017, 2018, 2019)

Now call ourselves Sith Order. We have changed the name of the team because we have ambitions to go beyond the local leading team. We wanted to go beyond the borders of our city and our country. Our goal as a Team is to win the European Champs and World Cup.

Our mission

We want to support and build the SW Destiny community, organize local tournaments, encourage new players, promote SWD in Social Media.

We want to share our ideas, experience and passion on throughout this blog and YouTube channel and be the best content creators in SW Destiny ecosystem.

Our vision of Star Wars Destiny

In our opinion there is nothing else but a bright future ahead of SWD. Our desire for the game is to stand the test of time. We believe it will unite people from all over the world giving the opportunity for great entertainment and healthy competition. We believe that we can achieve this goal together as publisher, content creators and players thanks to understanding and cooperation.