Ask not what Your Infinity format can do for You…

Ask what can it do for a game.

I had high hopes with the Infinity format after the rotation and some of the recent changes (subtypes for a characters, points decrease on some oldies) are perfectly fine and I’m glad they are there. I just don’t think it is good enough for CCG.

CCG need to maintain long time value of some sort to keep growing and we have a great model to do that in Magic The Gathering eternal formats. They bring value to a fracture of each printed set and yet it does make collectors happy since they maitain some kind of value with their cardboard. It awards a long time players as well since they can either sell rotating cards that made a splash in an eternal format or simply start building towards playing one.

Sure it is difficult for a new player to dive straight into a format with lots of more expensive cards but they can still start playing a game. Destiny is even better at that than MTG i dare to say with Trilogy and Standard being quite accesible even at smaller budget, than most if not all established CCGs out there.

To get to the point of this article – Infinity format in my opinion should never be played at Worlds or even Store Champs (unless it will be an additional set of events), and is great as a part of GQ no mater what so why do we have to try and balance it so bad? I mean it is impossible to balance it and if not it will be with growing nr of cards legal, so why bother? Keep the errata on cards since droping them would be confusing as hell and some of them are needed just to play the game as it is intended, but points increase? DROP IT!!!! I mean it, points being reduced is fine since it makes more cards fun in the format but no balance of the force should increase the cost on characters (unless miracle happen and there will be only one playable deck). Let the world burn, let Poe/Maz battle Thrawn/Unkar or Thrawn/Snoke and see what Sabine have to add to the mix. Hel, with all the 0 cost mitigation I would try three wide FN deck with the new toys.

Yes I know that power level of the format would be wild, but like I have said it would never be a format for the Worlds so what if You will get OTK? Eternal formats are home to some of the most broken things that any CCG offered and that is fine IMHO. I’m thinking that stores around the world would be thrilled to see people asking about black boosters again, collectors would have that extra reason to collect and I for one would like a format where I could just play just about anything and pit it against the best of the best, most broken, degenerate decks in the history of the game.

Some people might like to return to game or at least buy some of the new stuff just to upgrade their old decks that now are eating dust. Many of the players would not be as devastated when balance of the force hit their favorite character (like Snoke or Yoda) since they will always be good in Infinite. I love diverse and balanced meta in standard or Trilogy – i really do, but I think that a format where everything goes would be a great alternative and would help this game grow in the long time.

I’ll revisit this subject later on hopefully with a little help from You since I would like to hear what do You think about it.


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