Rainbow Millionaires (standard) – deck analysis

Convergence added some crazy stuff around Mill builds.

I love a three wide mill action since I build my Rieekan Wookie warriors deck. I played original millionaires list for so long that I actually got tired, but since it’s been a while I just feel the need to drop some cards from the top of an OP library. Plus I don’t like playing Snoke and mill seems really good right now.

I went with Lobot eYoda and Anakin and I felt at home from the start. This could be a mill deck that I always wanted (and the one that I deserved as well I hope). It has countless little interactions and can take You to Value Town in an instant.

The Core

Any mill deck that can get a job done with characters alone is great, when they go in with 26 points of health (it is more like 28 points since an OP will often win the battlefield roll and it is unlikely that You won’t get two shields then). You can say You have a decent starting point.

Between the battlefield, discard sides and some nasty specials You are looking at two to four cards of the top and three from the hand – not bad. It is a ceiling of naked milling in this deck for sure and You will not win the battlefield roll often due to low values on Your dice but it’s fine since we have plenty of other cards at our disposal.

The core of the deck takes advantage of resource generation that both Yoda and Anakin bring to the table to make sure You can both play Your upgrades and/or supports while keeping removal up. Lobot can boost something each round with Yoda’s help so You can either discard 3 (or 4 with the podracer die!!), get 3 resources or 3 shields – and those options are no joke. It can be a little daunting task at first to get the timing right since You have a lot of things to activate most of the time, but after a few games it should flow smoothly.

click at the image to open swdestiny.db decklist

The red package

Lobot is a great character here since besides his special, and occasional guardiang ability he brings a rainbow. Red is extremaly good color to have when You are planning to mill an OP, we have lost C3P0, but mill got some love in return. Let’s see what do we have here.

2x resistance ring – two rings to mill them all. Yoda have a cheap die to target with a special chaining, and the special on it is awesome. If we would be able to play card from our discard it would be good enough but letting us play a card from an OP discard is just nuts. Here are my favorite targets for that in some of the most common matchups:

  • Probe
  • At Sinister Peace
  • Best Defence
  • Rout
  • any healing effects (in hero matchups)
  • No Answer (in mill matchups)

    Oh, and did I mention that it mills when You put it on the table? It does.

We are bringing a decent nr of red events on our own, both to further our gameplan and enable our resistance jewelery.

2x No answer – Mill card of the century is here, and with our rings we can replay those beauties. Giant part of a gameplan is right here. It is great even when You will “only” get three of the top, but if You snipe the last card in hand as well it is just insane.

2x Field Medic

1x Mend – healing package I went with one Mend instead of second copy of dex’s diner for the resistance ring; value plus the fact that the diner is a unique support.

1x Strategic Planning – tap Your megablasters, tap Your Entourage before it will make money for more supports or just untap my podracer if needed – simple. And then do it again with the ring special.

The usuall suspects

Here I will list the obvious choices (not mentioned in the red package part) and let You know how they feel in this deck, so here we go!


2x Force Jump – cheap repeatable removal, great with Yoda if it can force a reroll it milled one 🙂

1x Force Meditation – I never liked that card, but I need it. With No answer in the deck I can play one copy though. Don’t ever play this one on Yoda. I’m currently looking for a replacement.

2x Anakin Skywalker’s Podracer – play it, focus with Anakin and if possible boost with Lobot for 4 out of hand (or 3 with one of the top). Staple in a hero mill untill it rotates out.

1x Dex’s Diner – repeatable healing effect play only if You need it toss to reroll in an early game.

1x Senate Chamber – great support with even greater ability. Use it as removal or to start special chaining. Good dice I’m not playing two copies since it is a unique support but I might play it instead of the force meditation.

2x Suppresive Fire – great removal that can deal with Watto die.

1x R2D2 – special chaining enabler and card drawing engine – I could swap it out for a second copy of something in the future though.


1x Beguile – sweet in any mill deck straight up I might play two of those beasts and I think R2 won’t be happy when I will do that.

2x Easy Pickings – although Anakin have only 7 HP it is still a great removal, so won’t leave home without it.

2x Hidden Motive – like all blue decks in this game.

2x Pacify – like all them blue hero mill decks. It enables devastating one-two punch combo vs Snoke if You remove Watto die with suppresive fire You can just destroy an early turn of an OP by removing a FOST die with this one.

2x Into the Garbage Chute – You will be unhappy with that one only if You have to to send Yoda there.


1x Flames of the Past – kill a fist with it and be happy, can deal with a force storm or 0-0-0 it is just a good card in a mill deck.

New toys

2x Moxie – Hell Yeah!! Third Yoda die for 2 resources? I’m in. With one of those out You will special chaining until You get tired with two it gets absurd. It is nice on Lobot as well if Yoda is close to be one with the force due to those pesky damage tokens.


Take this bad boy out and give it a try if You are not allergic to mill, I think You will like it. If nothing else it will let You win games in standard with Lobot on Your team 🙂

Have fun,

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