Convergence legendary – yellow

Let’s rate Convergence most valuable yellow cards in a 10-1 scale.

10 is an absolute meta breaker, like Snoke or Yoda. 1 is an absolute disaster, card that should not only be a legend, but not even been printed.

Jabba the Hutt

Another version of Tatooine gangster. Unfortunately another failed presence. First look at him made me happy, 10/13 points, nice die with 2 focus and +2 resources, 10 HP, and a good ability. Put all this things together and we get a solid character. Check a deckbuilding and this is where problems start. Who can be paired with Jabba to make it competitive?

For first come Sentinel Messenger, Wat Tandor and eJabba. A vehicle deck packed with a lot of yellow removal to make Jabba works. Sounds good: rainbow deck, 27 HP total, lot of abilities, so where is the problem? Hutt is not the Supreme Leader, who paired with Watto becomes a crazy money making machine. Jabba’s ability is not even close to Snoke’s power action, so creating a board matching Snoke/Watto is just not possible. Jabba could try playing Delve, maybe with Double down and 3 copies of it, but I’m not super excited about it. Playing with downgrades and bounties is just a fun for now and (probably) not (really) competitive.

Other idea revolves around eDJ and using all yellow removals that Villain can take, maybe some downgrades, supports and weapons. Will it work? Maybe, but it’s not my kind of playing so I don’t even try it, but You can!
Conclusion – Jabba the Hutt is a solid (support) character. His problem is Snoke – a support character with very similar cost but overall much more powerful. Jabba still can have his chance for play in competitive decks, but he must wait for another expansion and pray for good cards.

Crime Lord

Reprint. Really? FFG really?!?! Have we seen this card in any competitive deck? No? Everybody is excited with Yoda/Crime Lord deck, but does it work? No? So we do a reprint and put it in an every box. Fantastic! I opened one box, play one tournament and have 2 copies now. Piotr and Bartosz got Crime lord in every of their 6 boxes! Shame! Art is much worse than Awakenings version

Nothing more to write, everybody knows how this card works, don’t waste your time.


Great card! Neutral, support scoundrel – just these 2 things open a lot of options.

Price 3 is neither high nor low. A solid die with a special which potentially could become a horror close to Bombardment.

Deck with 3 scoundrels or Snoke/Watto which can put 6 scoundrel supports to the board might be crazy. Remember about Entourage ability to search deck for another Scoundrel. We play one, take another and looking for Hired muscle to put 3 Scoundrels on table with only one Entourage in hand!!

Enfys Nest with Watto or Enfys with 2 of her buddies (even maybe kind of Jabba deck), all of them could successfully play Entourage. This support is strong but no game breaker like Vader’s Fist which is such a crazy, powerful and stupid support.

Very good support with possibilities to play in lot of decks.

Enfys Nest

Whaat? She’s a teenager? Not Hells Angel or Lemmy Kilmister?! I’m disappointed.

Well, back from lore to cards cause here Enfys is much more satisfying than in Solo. Neutral, Leader, Scoundrel – another card opening a lot of deckbuilding options. Ability to take 2 Hero and 2 Villain cards is very good. Putting Vader’s Fist when we pair her with Yoda (maybe Crime lord 😉 ) could be bonkers. Enfys, 2 Maraduers and No allegiance give 33 HP deck with 4 Hero and 4 Villain cards. Put there all scoundrel supports and kill everybody with 9 DMG Entourage Special!

OK, back to reality: Enfys with Mother Talzin is another pair that shots Tier 1 deck. Watto (him again, why is he not a legend?!) could try making money for Enfys and put all those scoundrels supports into play.

12 HP, neutral, dice with high sides, mighty Power action and we get one of the best characters in the set.

Chewbacca the Beast

Another iconic Star Wars character. Let’s take a closer look at him. 13 HP is a lot, he gains guardian if we get another Scoundrel, which is not that hard to do with all those Scoundrel supports. Increasing die value by 1 when Chewie is wounded with minimum 6 dmg is a good ability: it’s not wise to upset a wookiee!

The die is a huge Chewbacca’s problem: mixed DMG, one blue and one pay sides. Their values are not exciting, while Chewie is upset they are a little bit better but still nothing powerful.

Who can be paired with him? Han? And Chewie taking the place of Qi’ra? This gives us the access to some Hero cards and …. nothing more, only his blaster make some difference. I don’t prophesy them much success in current meta.

It’s sad that another version of our favourite Wookiee is so bad.

Chewbacca’s Blaster Rifle

Here comes a steel for our Furry.

Great DMG: 4 even and no blue sides however 1 disrupt and 1 discard feel pretty weak.

With redeploy it would be a very good weapon. Ability is nice, rolling its die twice might deal even 8 DMG. That’s a lot. Putting it on Chewie to immediately resolve the die doesn’t sound like a big deal cause rolling 3 or 4 dmg is only 33% of chance.

So this blaster is not bad, well priced, nice DMG sides and good ability. Will see play in Hero shooters.


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