New Standard – two alternative Shadow Caster deck ideas

The main question regarding new standard isn’t which deck will lead the pack. The question is how build Fat Vehicles to rule in SWD galaxy.

Today I want to talk about possible configurations of Shadow Caster decks. These decks went a little under the radar during Across the Galaxy meta.

I only remember 2 or 3 Regionals wins reported, which is more than surprising to me. In our local community Shadow Caster reigns supreme, winning many local and major events (SIC!).

In my opinion, this CRAZY STRONG yellow vehicle combined with Armored Reinforcement will be very strong, if not the strongest, option to choose while considering new Standard. There are a FOUR reasons for that:

⦁ Shadow Caster decks revolve mostly around cards that are new and will not rotate out.
⦁ Many threats that Shadow Caster had to face will be gone. Both AT-ST and Rocket Launcher plus several events that could either destroy or disrupt it (Disable, Sabotage) will also rotate out. The only thing you need to worry about is Vandalize and N-1 Starfighter, but they were already there.
⦁ Shield Generator rotates out, but it could simply be replaced with more pieces of mitigation to counter Vandalize.
⦁ Force Illusion also rotates out (If you are playing variant with blue color), but the same can be said about any blue deck in the meta and you still have 3-wide with tons of health.

Let’s get down to business. First we will talk about eYoda / Satine / Gungan / AR. This variant is natural evolution of Hired Gun deck which was most powerful Shadow Caster deck until now.

I believe that rainbow is still the way to go. It’s true that the strong blue cards like Caution and Force Illusion will be gone, but Hidden Motive is still an amazing card. In the meta where Vandalize will be prevalent, Pacify is also a nice 0-cost include to remove character dice. You are giving your opponent 2 shields in exchange, but that’s nothing compared to the damage you will be producing with your safe and sound, fully loaded Shadow Caster. I could see it even as a 2-of, but that would still need to be tested. Plus Yoda is a resource producing, die focusing beast even if you don’t like these blue events.

Scruffy is just a must-have here. Not only it could ensure killing turn by taking your opponents mitigation. It could also protect you from Vandalize or even take away an upgrade if you feel like it. It hurts a little to pay for it, but it’s an investment which will pay for itself very quickly. The rest of the list is pretty straight forward. I don’t like running 2 Shadow Casters. If you can’t defend the one which you get from AR, you’re most probably in a losing position anyway so be vigilant!

Now let’s take a look at another option: eYoda / L3-37 / Gungan Warrior. The list we will discuss was designed by my teammate – Manfred (Polish National Champion 2018).

Although this deck could look pretty much similar to Satine variation at the first glance – it’s gameplan could be very much different. Falcon is nearly impossible to destroy in a new Standard format. The only thing that could do it is N-1 Starfighter and you most probably only should be afraid of it in a mirror match, where Yoda can fix it to special. On the other hand, mirror matches of a Shadow Caster are mainly N-1 brawls anyway.

Falcon can be used either offensively – loaded up with mods and readied many times by R2 Astromech, N-1 or L3-37 dying – or to produce resources to play Shadow Caster at any time. Of course, there is a “classic way” – and go full agro, putting turn 1 Shadow Caster.

There are also pretty great interactions between several events in the deck, L3-37 and Falcon. In an ideal world you could Honorable Sacrifice L3 – > ready Falcon – > hit big while still being able to play Automated Defense (Yes, you can still spot L3 as a droid when it’s a mod).

While both variants are very interesting, I still think that Yoda / Shadow Caster is an aggro deck unlike anything we’ve seen so far. For that reason I will first be testing option 1. Satine can help if Yoda refuses to roll specials or just mess with your opponent. Taking out Falcon, L3 and related cards leaves more space for mitigation to prevent Vandalize and ensure that you Shadow Caster will go BIG. Of course, I could be wrong and option number 2 could be the way to go.

Please, let us know what you think! Have fun testing it.

Dark Jedi

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