What cards you need before the rotation?

Rotation in Standard is just behind the corner. Some cards value will grow. Get know which ones.

The rotation is closing in on us and there is disturbance in the force. Before we open fresh boxes of Convergence or new starter sets it is a good time to highlight some of the cards that are going to work great with new meta. I won’t name every single card that will be playable after the rotation but instead focus on the ones that I think are most interesting. So here we go.

Snoke and Yoda, Yoda and Snoke, cause You get res and OP is broke.

Yeah, time to face an elephant in the cabin of a tie fighter. Get those guys now if You don’t have them already. They will remain staples in any archetype at all times until they either get nerfed to the ground or rotate out. Get them cause if You are not sorry enough about not having them now You will be when the new set will come out.

Vaders Fist

Whenever You can play that beast – play it. Don’t leave Your home without one if Your deck is able to put it on the table. Get two copies and let them get You some free wins or “get out of jail free” card in some tight spots. Plus these are imperial finest boots on the ground troops so make sure they are on Your side.

Aphra package

Get your copies of Dr Aphra ASAP. While you’re at it make sure You have two copies of both BT-1 and 0-0-0. Aside from that there is a handful of “no dice” cards that You will need like: bubble shield, tech team or reprogram – You know general droid and self-damage package, that goes well with our lovely doctor. Aphra seems sweet character choice for the upcoming meta and it looks like there are some great pairings for her that can break the format wide open. New Grievous opens up two battle droids or a super battle droid and a plot (Grand scheme), and there are executioners waiting for her as well. She was a star already and she is here waiting to shine again.

Mods, mods, mods!

Any Skyrim player can confirm that they are where it’s at. As long as the armored reinforcement is a thing those guys aren’t going anywhere. Collect them all. You can call them pokemods if You like just make sure You have them all and make a sandwich out of those with copies of AR at the top and at the bottom. If they have a die it is a great die if they have an ability it is a great one as well – they ought to have a downside of You not being able to play them without a vehicle in play but, guess what, AR was brought with them and it is crazy. TLT with targeting astromech and R2 on a Shadow Caster is already making a sea of salt across the tables and it is not going anywhere soon (it will be at high tables or nerfed into oblivion there is no middle ground here). Go and browse some AR lists on swdb if You don’t know what else is needed to break the game wide open but get Your mods while those boosters are getting redrafted at Your local tournaments.

Starter/draft set removal: Hidden Motive, Crash Landing, Entangle aka the holy trinity of starter removal.

Starters are on sale for a long time now, but there is another way of getting Your hands on those. There are some players that are getting rid of their collection for various reasons and it will happen more often when the rotation hits us, so if You can cherry pick those beauties out of a collection listing and You do not have two copies of each – then DO IT! We will lose early sets removal and those cards will become more important than they ever were.

Umbaran Hover and / or Force Wave

There is a chance for three or even four character decks to become a thing. Those cards will be a clean answer to that. Depending on Your deck choice they can be the difference between getting stomped by the doctor and smashing her and those pesky droids to smithereens. Whose up for a game of rock, paper, scissors, droid, hover tank, force wave, Bt-1?

Force Jump

You will need to fill the gap left by force speed in a blue decks and this might just be it. Lose some speed gain some control – force jump Your way out of a tight spots and get its cheap dice on the board. Put it on Yoda for the best results and You are golden. Make sure You have two of those.

General Grievous – Fearsome Cyborg

Yes! That’s right, while I cannot master the art of rolling well enough to play that kind of characters, I got two of his dice dirt cheap and if You see that kind of opportunity go for it. He got a great pairing with Nightbrother. Deck loses both force illusion and ancient lightsaber, but both tactical mastery and grand entrance will be legal after the rotation. They are red cards, meaning You can bring them with our cyborg anytime, and when we get an ultimate pairing/color combination figured out he is ready to go. If he won’t be a tier one beast he will be super fun to play casually.

Handheld L-S1 Cannon

Blasters are not getting enough love lately. That’s just the way it is and we have to live with it. Our sweet ambush weapons are going away but that baby is giving me hope that someday an employee in ffg will look back at us blaster players and say: “Hey, why we are not printing any good dice with ranged sides aside from vehicles? There are folks out there that don’t want all those named lightsabers and broken vehicles, aren’t they worth some effort as well?”. Get a playset and wait… Oh, and those L-S1 sweethearts are playable in a vehicle list as well.

Luke Skywalker … the bearded one

If You are planning to roll some sticks and obliterate Your OP with it, You have Luke already and if not get him, two copies of him and wait for Mace Windu – that’s it.

The rotation will be a new day, a new beginning, for now take a look on Your collection and I hope that my list will get You some ideas on how to prepare for it. If You think that there is something I missed go on and comment below.


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